Leann Van Mol


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My Crazy Ex                                            Co-Star                       Lifetime

The Beast                                                  Co-Star                      A&E Network 

After Lately                                              Co-Star                      E! Network


Dangerous Medicine (Lifetime)               Lead                          Directed by Jeff Hare

Life Amended (Lifetime)                         Lead                          Directed by Steven Simon

Broken Silence                                          Lead                          Directed by Lloyd Miller

Flicker                                                       Lead                          Directed by Adem Suljic

No Respect                                               Lead                           Directed by Eric Townsend

Spring Break Massacre                             Lead                           Directed by Michael Hoffman

Smuggling in Suburbia                            Supporting                Directed by Doug Campbell 

The Madness Within                                Supporting                Directed by Hunter G. Williams

The Downside of Bliss                              Supporting                Directed by Ron Pucillo

Dead Drop                                                Supporting                Directed by Kathi Carey

It’s Dark Here                                           Supporting                Directed by Adam Coplan

Minuet                                                      Supporting                Directed by Ryan McNeal


New Media________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Hotel Barclay (Amazon)                    Guest Star                Written/Directed by Leah Myette

2 Miracles A Month                                  Lead                          Written/Directed by Tammy Klembith

Stop the Bleeding                                     Guest Star                 Written/Directed by Ryan Gielen

Everyday Lies                                            Guest Star                 Written/Directed by Steve Royall

The Blackwood Prophecies                      Guest Star                  Directed by Joseph Graziani


Internet Video / Industrial Film_______________________________________________________________________________

Silk’n SensEpil Beauty                              Host                           Carpe Diem Productions

Home Shopping Network                        Host                           Fred Blurton, Pro.

House of Cash (Pilot)                               Host                           Jeff Wunderlich/Chris Cusack,Producers

Marqueta Fashion                                     Host                           Octane Rich Media

Mad-Bags Fashion                                     Host                           Concept One

Entity Beauty                                            Host                           Slezak Studios

Votre Vu Skincare                                    Host                            Film Pharm Productions


Commercial________(I have appeared in over 100 commercials. Current Conflicts Upon Request)_____________________________



Los Angeles:

Second City- Scenic Improv - Shulie Cowen

Stan Kirsch Studio- Comedy & On Camera - Stan Kirsch

Ivana Chubbuck Studio- Scene Study -  Deryl Carroll

Margie Haber Studio- Cold Reading Intensive & On-going

Jack Plotnick - Scene Study



Second City Chicago- Alumni of the IFA Program

Voice – Gigi Buffington;  The Acting Studio Chicago

Monologue - Kurt Naebig; The Acting Studio Chicago

Scene Study - Jack Brontis; The Acting Studio Chicago

Advanced Scene Study - Kirsten Fitzgerald; The Acting Studio Chicago

Commercial Acting - Molly Glynn; The Acting Studio Chicago

Commercial Acting Intensive - Sean Bradly; The Green Room Chicago


Special Skills_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

LOCAL HIRE: Chicago,  BS in Journalism with an Emphasis in Advertising, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Professional Make-Up Artist, Teleprompter Proficient